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Anti-Fraud Policy

Credit Card Fraud and Chargeback Policy

If you have a question or issue about a charge, your first step should be to open a ticket at the Ticket System of the site where you made your purchase. We would be more than happy to exchange information with you and solve any issues.

To use a card without the owner's authorization or knowledge, or to chargeback a valid credit card transaction when the items you purchased are in transit or already delivered to you, is a CRIME qualified as FRAUD. Count with the fact that we have zero tolerance in these matters. What will follow is:

1.- Our Anti-Fraud Division will place you and your account under investigation and coordinate civil and criminal enforcement actions. They will in short time find your address, full name, telephone number, Internet provider, location of connection, computer identification, place of work or study, previous crimes and all relevant information about you independently of any false information you may have provided. Our Anti-Fraud Division works in coordination with diverse private intelligence agencies in many countries.

2.- The matter will be simultaneously escalated to Oversight International Legal Bureau with instructions to proceed with full anti-fraud measures and litigation and for further information exchange with the Anti-Fraud Coalition (acting in partnership with the FBI), Federal, State, and/or County Prosecutors for Prosecution in your country of residence.

3.- Your name and other relevant information will be added to a negative database of cardholders and card fraud offenders. This database is not only used by online commerce sites, but also by many other merchants with physical shops as well as a reference by law enforcement authorities and prosecutors. Your name will remain on this database until you have resolved the issue.

4.- If you initiated an illegitimate chargeback for items in transit or received, or you used an unauthorized card, you will be charged a $50 chargeback fee to cover costs incurred to us because of the chargeback.

5.- You will receive 5 days amnesty for settling the matter through payment of the amount charged back plus the chargeback fee. After five days a Collection agency will be engaged to collect from you the debt at any place you may be found.

Our Anti-Fraud Policy in a nutshell

If you make a purchase at our site, we will honour such purchase. If you don't honour your payment, that is not something you will get away with and it’s something that you could find yourself in jail for.

Chargeback fraud/Credit Card Fraud is considered in all countries a crime listed under the Federal Code and State Codes and may lead to imprisonment for a minimum of 3 years and up to 20 years. Chargeback fraud is also technically considered a type of theft crime as you have in practice stolen the goods from the selling company though Fraud and Deceit what could extend imprisonment for up to 20 years.